Have I told you yet about Dottiebox?

Okay ladies, so I have been planning on doing a Dottiebox review but honestly have not had any time in this world to do so. I know it’s a little late but, here’s my June Dottiebox Review.

Dottibox is is a monthly subscription service devoted to handmade gifts and independent artists.

It is roughly $26 (including shipping) a month for the Full Size Dottiebox, which is VERY worth it. If you’re like me and into all things Etsy, crafting, artisan, handmade, then this is the go-to box for you.

Carly, whom I have had the pleasure of talking to, is such a sweet person. She really takes the time to curate these boxes and find items that are truly awesome =] And she is very fast at shipping =]

First up is Elastic Hair Bandz. I have to say that these hair bandz are super cute and awesome=] I still am pretty partial to my brand Naturally Kamdyn though =] =] But I love their product as well, she has some very cute and fun designs.

Next we have Sunny Island Blu’s Sea Salt Spray in Island Coconut, let me just tell you how addicting this spray is!!! So addicting, that my boyfriend has used it more than I have!! The smell is amazing and it makes my hair have the perfect beachy waves!

The nail polish I received is from Starrily. I have not tried it yet because I just tend to hoard nailpolish and then one day go on a polish spree and start painting my nails and my daughter’s nails. It will be used on a rainy day or when my daughter begs me to paint her nails. I love the fun and glittery color of this polish though and I’m sure it’ll look super cute on!

Last but not least we have Nazari Jewelry. I got this fun quartz ring and as soon as I opened the box, I didn’t even have a second trying it on for size when my 3 year old grabbed it off of my finger and said “Mommy! It’s my Elsa powers!!!” and she then proceeded to run off and get her blue sequin Elsa cape that I made her and tried to freeze my heart! That being said I have yet to get to wear this because my little one refuses to give me any “power”. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and is great for Elsa ice powers apparently!

I hope all of you go and check out Dottiebox! It is a great subscription and each month is different. The July Review will be coming soon! and I cannot wait for the AUGUST MINI BOX (and full size) =] =]




So I have really been slacking lately! Today is my day to get caught up on my blogging and sneak peeks so you ladies are in for a treat.
First up is Boxycharm, which for me is one of my most favorite boxes. I feel like the quality and price is there! You get some pretty awesome products for only a portion of the price.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this lipstick! Can you say gorgeous?? The lipstick that’s being featured in this month’s July Boxycharm is Appeal Cosmetics Luxurious Lipstick, a $22 Value. I am sure there will be more than just the color that’s shown here, but I am definitely hoping to get this bright pink color to add to my collection.

Next up which I already discussed in my previous post is the Purlisse SPF Moisturizer, a $55 Value. I am already getting this in my Fab Fit Fun VIP Box this month, but will gladly take a second!

Last but not least is Lauren B Beauty Nail Polish, an $18 Value. I have never tried her nail polish yet, but am very excited to give it a go. I like this bright red pop of color, but again, I am sure there will be other variations than the one that is shown. If not, I’d be fine getting a red polish, but probably won’t use it right away.

Overall this box is looking pretty awesome and that’s not even the complete box! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for Boxycharm!






Just an FYI that Birchbox has released another Limited Edition box! It is $44

I have already purchased mine!

The one thing that I am not too sure that I will like is the perfume. I haven’t had much luck in liking that brand but who knows, maybe this one will be good!

Other than that it looks like a pretty fun box =]

Have I mentioned lately that I am hoarding nail polish?!?!



I don’t know about all of you, but I am LOVING the look of this box! Typically Glossybox ships towards the end of the month, so you will most likely get this box in time for the Fourth of July. Glossybox is only $21/month.



To go with the stars and stripes theme we are getting a red and blue StrangeBeautiful nail polish with a retail value of $18

I am already getting a StrangeBeautiful polish in my June Boxycharm box but I could definitely use another! I’m loving all this nail polish (I can never have too  much).

More spoilers to come as they are listed!!

Ipsy & PopSugar Polishes put to good use!

photo 1 photo 2

The left picture is the Nicole O.P.I. “Roughless” nail polish I received in my March Ipsy Glam bag. It is the color on my ring finger. It went on great and only needed one coat of polish. Once it dries it feels like sand =] which I absolutely LOVE!

The picture on the right is the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics polish I received in my May PopSugar Must Have box in the shade “Pool Boy”. It goes on nice and smooth and only took two coats.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these two colors together and I love how well they match! This is the perfect color combo for summer and spring!


This is a blog for box subscription reviews. I currently subscribe to the following subscription boxes:

  • PopSugar Must Have
  • Birchbox
  • Birchbox Man
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Ipsy Glam Bag
  • Wantable Makeup
  • Wantable Accessories
  • Boxycharm
  • Glossybox
  • MistoBox
  • Lip Monthly
  • Dottiebox
  • Homegrown Collective
  • Julep Maven

And maybe a few more that I cannot remember right now! I sometimes switch it up and only receive a few boxes a month and other times I receive them all. I am always open to trying new boxes, so if you have a box you’d like me to review just let me know! Ever since the beginning of this year, I have become obsessed with these subscription boxes. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation and surprise that get me so excited about these, or my love for anything makeup and beauty products that I haven’t tried. I also got my boyfriend hooked on these, well I’m hooked, he just enjoys the benefits of it. I did purchase the PopSugar Must Have Limited Edition Summer 2014 box. They are set to mail out by June 7th and I cannot wait to see what is in it! Once I receive mine, I will post a review right away!

I hope you enjoy!