So lately another one of my addictions has been Poshmark. I seriously love it. I have sold a few things on there but I mostly trade =]

I think that makes it more fun =] and now with the reduced shipping ($4.99) it’s much more doable to trade!

Any of you lovely ladies on Poshmark? If so find me and follow me, my username is mkpicadio

Comment below on what your favorite “steal” was from poshmark

For me, it was a juicy couture bracelet, it was $20 brand new with tags. I’m not sure what the original price of the bracelet is but honestly that didn’t matter to me. I used to have a bracelet that looked just like it. My girlfriends and I all bought one at the same time at a little boutique. Since that day three years ago, I wore it practically everyday, so much that it actually broke. I was devastated when it did and have held onto it hoping that one day I would find a way to fix it. The Juicy Couture bracelet that I found on Poshmark was almost identical except instead of silver it was gold. I think it is so cute and amazing and  I just LOVE it. And I now have a bracelet that almost matches theirs again =]




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