1. Sachajuan Body Lotion ($24) (scents may vary)
2. Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel ($32)
3. The One & Only by Emily Giffin ($16.52)
4. Lollies Hair Ties ($8)
5. You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes ($5)
6. Native Union Gift Card / Coupon Code (Unknown)
7. One Potato, Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips ($2)



  1. I skipped this months box. Considering that I’ve already read the book and got a Turkish towel in the resort box I’m ok with it. Still loving my zinganything water bottle from last month though!

    1. I think this month is good just not as good as it has been in the past =]
      I ordered the LE Summer Box and I don’t think I’m too thrilled with it.
      I will post a review here soon =]

  2. I’ve got a three month subscription and this will be my first box, so I’m excited. If I like it, I’ll re-up my subscription, but I figured three months was a good trial period. You like the subscription over all though?

    1. Caitlin, I absolutely love this box =]
      My favorite really has been April but I am pretty excited about this months too
      If I had to chose only one subscription, you better believe that this would be it!

      1. Well that’s a pretty high recommendation since there are so many great subscriptions out there! I’m only just beginning to explore subscription box world, but I love my ipsy bags!

      2. You will get addicted I promise =]
        I’m going to post a review tomorrow for a really awesome box that I just started getting three moths ago. It’s called Dottiebox—it’s basically items from etsy =] and its pretty cool =]

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